Feb. 4th, 2013

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Art for Ada (on Ao3)by the lovely and patient [livejournal.com profile] lindenmae for [livejournal.com profile] inception_bang

"He was lost in thought, half-listening to Robert rant about Saito and the Progressives and the Unions, only looking up to wave away the attentions of any prostitutes that took interest in him, when he saw her.  He wasn’t certain what it was about her that caught his eye at first.  Perhaps the dying sun through the windows had caught her hair and made it like a halo about her face.  But once his eyes were on her, he was transfixed.  When she looked at him, she seemed almost startled by the intensity of his gaze, but she recovered immediately, offering him a close-lipped smile.  She did not look like the other girls, not dainty nor soft, though she was still very beautiful.  She was handsome, Arthur decided, her jaw just a little too wide and sharp, her shoulders just slightly too broad, and she was just a little too tall, but the sight of her was like a punch to Arthur’s gut.  It was something he had never felt looking upon a woman before.  She started to cross the room and the sounds of the parlor died away from Arthur’s ears with every step she took.  The petal pink of her silk dress was the only color Arthur could see besides the golden of her hair.  He was mesmerized and it came as a rude shock when she stopped and turned away from him, focusing her attention on someone else.  He was dragged roughly from his reverie by the sound of his own name immediately after. "


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