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1) FRINGE SEASON FINALE OMG.Cut for lots of squee+some spoilers )

2) Summer School
Bad Planning in RL stuff )

3) Twitter/Tumblr/Games
Since its the summer I have more time! I will try to be more active on Twitter, so who should I follow? Any suggestions or your sn? I might make a tumblr once I lurk more, and are they any computer games you think I should play? I'm really not that good at them, and haven't played since school started, but I really would like to.

4) Books
Oh Public Libraries ) What books do you recommend? I have a list I've started up, but I would love to know what you really love. :) 

I need to do more arting. I want to try new styles and experiment with colors. :) But for now, just grey and noodly.
;D He's putting the tie on the doorknob because HE HAS PLANS TONIGHT!
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1. whining and complaining about life
tl;dr ) Have you ever felt directionless? Is it just a phase or how do you deal with it?

2. Book Talk-The Wind in the Willows

Mole, Ratty, and Badger could be an OT3 )

3. Maybe going to an anime convention

tl;dr )

4. Merman Arthur?

Little mermaid AU. Has it been done? My friend says its been prompted and never filled on the kinmeme. I've sketched three concepts, but its the angsty version, not the Disney version. Mal = sea witch? All I wanted to draw was Arthur turning into seafoam, crying. THEN I DID IT. Plus Arthur watching Eames sink, and Arthur watching Eames breath after saving him. Possibly an almost kiss. Obviously no happy scenes...

5. Sketch

Sorry for lack of art, here is David Bowie from a ref picture on my itouch. Heterochromatic eyes, guys, and that HAIR. It keeps me from dying in class. Also, anyone have a tip on how to do non creep realistic teeth or not smudging shading(all I can do).

6. Chat me up?

Sorry this is so long, but I I have a fear letting  a conversation stagnate awkwardly but I shall overcome it and chat people up. My aim is miszcatastrophe, and my gchat may be (but I see ienggg GCHAT CONFUSED ME), and my skype is ienggg. SO ITS NOT A CREEPER TALKING TO YOU. Also, I am not that(?) hard to talk to so if you will, talk to me?


Mar. 20th, 2011 12:26 am
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So I went to go check on HamletMachine's amazing dA, and she drew fanart for [ profile] fishbones and the author, the amazing jisuk...and I discovered a great mafia fic.

I LOVE MAFIA FICS. I HAVE READ SO MANY YAKUZA MANGA AND REALIZE I NEED MORE MAFIA BOOKS. But not only was it a mafia fic, it was also in HIGH SCHOOL, told from a non-mafia perspective, and had a GAY MAFIA DON(in training). HIGHSCHOOL AND MAFIA?!?!?!? SNARKY MAIN CHARACTER WHO IS STUDIOUS AND LOYAL. So I love mafia/yakuza/mob stuff because -loyalty, violence, macabre themes, lots of potential for angst. And more. Suits...the charisma you need to lead a mob...the way they are so contrary. It almost broke my heart after 82 chapters, and in the last chapter IT MADE IT ALL BETTER. There is no sexing, so from the inception fics it was a big break. I like my porn, guys, but I like regular stuff just as well. I listened to Far East Movement's Fighting for Air THE WHOLE TIME. idek, really? And it was on youtube; I don't even have the mp3! @__@

Now onto reading Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss...which is one huge ass book. 386,470 words. Well, I read like 100k + today for that story...

My brother sent it to me with my cousin and a Juxebox the Ghost  shirt for a birthday gift. :) its too big but WHATEVER. My cousin also took me to Quickly's for some milk tea and popcorn chicken as well as stationary shopping. My obsession for stationary is something totally, quintessentially azn about me. I can gush about stationary and stay in a stationary shop for HOURS. If I am in Hong Kong or something I CAN LIVE IN BOOKSTORES debating on what to get. But I basically got people birthday presents. :) I LOVE GIVING GIFTS. And all the cashiers spoke Mandarin and I got all nostalgic.

Ermm... I will get to my fanart of Rule 10, and maybe fishbones. I seriously have a sketch for Rule 10 just...SITTING there. *stares guiltily*

:) I will ignore hw, and have a fun weekend, as you will, also, I hope.
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doopdedoop stressful weekend )

so so for INCEPTION REVERSE BANG I AM EXCITED. I had no time to reply to my author but I just did it and and and I AM GOING TO GET THIS STUFF DONE. >:D

So in conclusion, circuit debate tournaments, friends sharing a room leads to much crazy, and chai lattes, . wait. what? This is why my word economy sucks....

my friend saw this and thought it was an owl. EVEN IF IT WAS THIS COLOR. how?
AND MY OTHER FRIEND LENT ME THE HUNGER GAMES. I see myself ignoring homework and badminton practice to read.


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