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1).rambly stuff of nonesense.
uhhh...books, other stuff that doesn't make sense (no need to read) )

2) ArtInception+Loki cuz I love him )

3) Shiny Fandom is Shiny
I think I'm going to sign up for InceptionBB with my rl friend, but she's super worried about her writing and fandom stuff and said she'd ask her teacher who used to write fanfictions, and all I could think of was HOW MUCH I WANT A TEACHER WHO WRITES FANFICS. *sigh* I wonder if my Lit teacher reads them. xDD Anyways, it was also awkward because his name is one letter different then a teacher at my school.

Going to finish up my collabs for ae_match and all will be well. Until apps are due...

Jeff Buckley reading Poe. Its just...unf.
Just going to let problems lie and have some black masala chai infused chocolate. Its heavenly.
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1) ae_match
So I am SO IN LOVE with all the great fics. I just can't keep up. I can't comment on all the ones I read, and I can't read all the ones I open up in tabs. >.> BUT I DO LOVE THEM ALLLL.

Also have collabs with [ profile] iri_descent for all types of fall, [ profile] peperima (when ever the words come to her, i hope its still on...), [ profile] telm_393( for some crazyness), and [ profile] black_betty_26 for my merAU.  If you'd like to back out or discuss stuff, this is the week to do it. :)

2) rl- i had more :( but its better not posted

a. books- went to used bookstore with a complication before the complication, and bought 6 books for 22$. YES-- a moominvalley book, the merlin conspiracy, the hero and the sword, candide, and dickinson poems. now evaluating everything through(was this a date? filter ughhhh). :((

b. compy fail- well, actually its my fault, I forgot to run virus checks and my win XP died. So I don't have my computer with art programs or my tablet or...stuff. So i have free days, but only traditional media. I will use markers and ink and pencils! and maybe charcoal. 8D
Street Art Picspam at the MOCA )


A precursor to my next piece, done when I couldn't make anything with the sketch and was feeling blue.
my first ae_match submission.

a really horrible picture of my belated present to [ profile] osaki_nana_707 This Arthur from her fic I've Got a Rock and Roll Life, and I loved the part where Arthur and Eames sing together on stage, but I wanted to do something dramatic with Arthur because I love his musical growth in the story.
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1. whining and complaining about life
tl;dr ) Have you ever felt directionless? Is it just a phase or how do you deal with it?

2. Book Talk-The Wind in the Willows

Mole, Ratty, and Badger could be an OT3 )

3. Maybe going to an anime convention

tl;dr )

4. Merman Arthur?

Little mermaid AU. Has it been done? My friend says its been prompted and never filled on the kinmeme. I've sketched three concepts, but its the angsty version, not the Disney version. Mal = sea witch? All I wanted to draw was Arthur turning into seafoam, crying. THEN I DID IT. Plus Arthur watching Eames sink, and Arthur watching Eames breath after saving him. Possibly an almost kiss. Obviously no happy scenes...

5. Sketch

Sorry for lack of art, here is David Bowie from a ref picture on my itouch. Heterochromatic eyes, guys, and that HAIR. It keeps me from dying in class. Also, anyone have a tip on how to do non creep realistic teeth or not smudging shading(all I can do).

6. Chat me up?

Sorry this is so long, but I I have a fear letting  a conversation stagnate awkwardly but I shall overcome it and chat people up. My aim is miszcatastrophe, and my gchat may be (but I see ienggg GCHAT CONFUSED ME), and my skype is ienggg. SO ITS NOT A CREEPER TALKING TO YOU. Also, I am not that(?) hard to talk to so if you will, talk to me?
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rl and FROYO )

A quick Into? )

art in progress )
Also, I have an 11-year old pomeranian who is really cute, and he makes up for this horrible post. He's embarrassing me here though. >.>

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blehingg )
I don't know if any of you listen to Asian music-Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, etc. among other things, but here are some songs I adore right now. They make me feel better. :)

This is by Angela Aki, an Italian-Japanese singer, and the beautiful lyrics are in the info box.

This is some new Chinese Pop that whose title translates to "Silent Spring"

This is IU, a korean singer, whose new song has a very interesting concept. :) Dark themes fit my mood~

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Life Today )

SO ONTO THE ACTUAL TOPIC OF THIS. I had a midterm and a two page paper due yesterday, and today I have a math worksheet due. so FANART. For whom? THE AMAZING [ profile] skellerbvvt OF COURSEEEEEEEEEe

I can not compose shit for beans. :( And I have Arthur fuzzy slippers because they remind Eames of Sammy and Arthur's feet get cold. That, and feet are as banal as hands. I can draw feet in very limited poses.


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