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1) FRINGE SEASON FINALE OMG.Cut for lots of squee+some spoilers )

2) Summer School
Bad Planning in RL stuff )

3) Twitter/Tumblr/Games
Since its the summer I have more time! I will try to be more active on Twitter, so who should I follow? Any suggestions or your sn? I might make a tumblr once I lurk more, and are they any computer games you think I should play? I'm really not that good at them, and haven't played since school started, but I really would like to.

4) Books
Oh Public Libraries ) What books do you recommend? I have a list I've started up, but I would love to know what you really love. :) 

I need to do more arting. I want to try new styles and experiment with colors. :) But for now, just grey and noodly.
;D He's putting the tie on the doorknob because HE HAS PLANS TONIGHT!

RL Advice?

May. 22nd, 2011 08:06 pm
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Hi guys, so I got a call today that I would go in for two interviews on Tuesday for a summer internship. Its not my dream job because its more the business side of a healthcare and medical equipment firm, and they haven't done anything new in years. Even so, what tips do you have when going to a job interview?

I have to call to confirm tomorrow because I feel like someone steamed my head up and I feel and sound horrible. I am never, ever, ever going to sleep with wet hair late at night ever, ever, ever again. I can't go out at weekends because I've been getting sick in the late afternoon after doing stuff consecutively. I don't have time to be sick. ;__;

Anyways, since I have a headache I'm listening to soothing songs by DJ Okawari, who is a genius.

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Real Life has jilted me. >:( )

I stayed up late on Friday to finish this for [ profile] night_reveals Fat Cock Vivant thingie, but couldn't draw porn...just cute things. This is a tad touched up, but really not that different from the first version!
I felt it was unfair to keep this cute face in my planner all for myself. :>


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