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1) Randommmm (arthur dress up) Dressing up "arthur" in ridiculous clothing relieves stress/artblock )

2.) RL stuff

Internship, Darn Society, Doctor Who, and Korean Boybands, and red herrings...i mean gifs )

basically, tl;dr

Oh here is another gif 

!(I should be spanish because then that would make more sense) I'm going to the used bookstore on Saturday. Any recs? 8D
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So on a sad of my favorite children/young adult authors died this week and I CANNOT GET OVER IT. I don't really like where most YA fantasy is heading-urbanurbanurban with no real twist, and really need to find time and read those books again.

So MY DOG. Which is technically at least half my brother's and then some my mother's and father's. He got a positive response so more pimping of the cute!

His name is Fluffy. Yes, we were young. And he IS fluffy.

He is at least 11 years old, and my brother and I have thought he was 4-8 years old for the past 3 years. Our family friends gave him to us, so we never really had him as a puppy. Those pictures are from back when we had to actually process film...

My friend and him. He's happey!

what whut he's a seal!

Other friend. As you can see, I am holding the camera and letting people use him. :D

Fluffy does not approve.

but he does love his food.

The poodle to the left was our late doggie.

In conclusion-they are superdogs.

Today was xC until I came home to sugar cane and dog and lj. Hopefully Fluffy shares his healing powers if needed!
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Just some embarrasing stuff, and the important thing is here is my dog! I am bragging, no really. )

but that is just his nonchalant face indoors. He's super chill about everything except food and going on walks and having people play with his feet.
blahblahblah decisions are haard )
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Today was...interesting. My math grade...>_______________________________>
But some people have it worse so blah blah blah I will not whine.

I sketched up my sketchier sketch of Arthur Smoking, kind of to complement Eames and partly because [ profile] osaraba  is sick and I remembered she likes them smokin'.

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Yes I am single. Yes I made cream puffs and am going to give sweets to my sweet friends. :)

Vampire Arthur and Werewolf Eames Wish You a Debauched Valentines Day )
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So I've resigned myself to the fact that I am sick. And yet I come home from school at 6 after talking for half an hour and I question my sanity. To make up for the time lost by my staring blankly at the computer I've given up studying for certain subjects whose homework are not due tomorrow. This is not the best idea since i have the most shittyass grades ever.

I've put so much time into my itty bitty novices they better kickass this weekend or I'll be sick and angry Monday. >:( I chair the novice LD debate division with my co-chair who is indisposed of late. i.e she is cooped up at home doing work. goshdarnit I hate being tired and sick and behind on work. 


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