Oct. 29th, 2011 01:07 pm
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Need help... Do I look like a person trying to be a flower trying to be a fairy?

pictures from my ipod.  )

On the other hand, I'm drawing lots of sketches i will post soon. YAY FESTS. also working on my science project. Yay dragonflies!

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1) Fanartz

Porn is serious motivation, guys. How can you not read it everyday?

Shoes and Stuff )

We got fluffy back, and here he is in the car
x not my fur it is a palm xxx

hahah jk its a plumeria leaf. DID THAT MAKE SENSE AS A JOKE, BTW?

3) New Friends!
Hi Team Angst friends! I went on a biiiit of a spree after finding out so many awesome things about people. BOOKS! MUSEUMS! TV SHOWS! ANIMANGA! ANGSTY IDEAS! I don't mind if you get weirded out and de-friend me, really. :) Have discussed some amazing ideas for a Night Watch AU art and Little Mermaid AU art that I would do... \0/

Dotty Nails for the Summer )

Stationary of EPIC CUTE and possible paper for That Quote Book I'll Start Sometime Soon )
Doctor Who makes me want to go camping. What? )
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So going into exam week, first one on Wednesday, and barring that problems are popping up like e.coli on agar in an incubator.

But. Then I see this

That smile could light up the sun. I pretty much smiled and cried watching this

Perspective. I needed some, and I got it.
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rl and FROYO )

A quick Into? )

art in progress )
Also, I have an 11-year old pomeranian who is really cute, and he makes up for this horrible post. He's embarrassing me here though. >.>

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End of the week stretch and my sickness is down. Less homework=MORE TIME TO DRAW.

I have a bad habit of doodling on top of doodles, and this turned out ok because I made it Arthur and Eames chibified and then all painterly.

Haven't posted art in a long time so here..chibi+painting experiment )
Here is some music!!
Acoustic Kpop~~

Reliant K with some totally A/E overtones...headspace...ceilings...*coughsubarthurcough*

and an AMAZING MUSIC VIDEO. all stop and go animation from a new band. :)
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Just some embarrasing stuff, and the important thing is here is my dog! I am bragging, no really. )

but that is just his nonchalant face indoors. He's super chill about everything except food and going on walks and having people play with his feet.
blahblahblah decisions are haard )


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