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Hello! Haven't made a post to chat in ages!

Btw I've made a fandom tumblr at

So I went to Taiwan for 3 weeks and Hong Kong for one. I visited family and survived only a little scarred.

Their indoor malls are super amazing. :) and pricy!

The outside is humid and beautiful a well. I went on a tour to this area I forgot the name of. It has five in the name? But its mountainous terrain by the ocean with great natural beauty.

It rained so much all the Mosquitos ever came out to play and attacked me. It was especially creepy since I'd just watched prometheus

I actually have proof but it looks really bad. So. Don't want to freak you out.

If I got too close to vegetation they'd latch on to me. ;__; I got 4 new bites that day.

I love how different the plants are from California. They are so dense and green and swarthy and amazing. I live in a area of low rainfall and the redwoods are amazing, but the sheer space they take up--roofs, streets, anything they can live on is inspiring in its vivacity. The buzz of insects, the dull throb of the sea, the thick air. I really do love it there, no matter how I complain about it.

The park I went to was wonderfully empty. There weren't too many people to I interrupt the peace. :)

How cool are these flowers? It just rained btw.

This is the first day(3/3weeks) that I saw the sun when I woke up. XD. This was in Dan Shui, a touristy area.

I love the sky at dusk. The blue seems different from the ones at home.

Ok. Now onto Hong Kong! At a dim sum restaurant called Serenity.

Super excited and stressed for comic con. Has anyone been before! I NEED ADVICE ON STRATEGIZING FOR MAXIMUM FLAIL EACH DAY. I've only been to the Anime Expo and Fanime who never had panels or signings I wanted to go to! How is lining up? Are people nice? Is it cold inside? /stresses

I would love to meet anyone going, too!

I was going to dress as Marceline from Adventure time but didn't buy the right shoes... I also have an unfinished Moogle jacket. I want to cosplay so much!

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