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urp rl rant (getting this out of the way):tl;dr-if i reread this I am going to delete it all but I musn't to keep my resolve. XD )

2) Doodles in my moleskine!
Loki, mermaids, an umbrella and something else )

3) more AUs!
I keep on seeing them (not ghosts) )
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Going to be super rambly, so just a heads up.

1. RL update

Internship! It was amazing and I'm sad it over and excited for our science project continuation we will be doing.
Seven acres of boggy beauty. <333 The people I met there are so different from my usual group, but we got into shenanigans and derped around and infected the professor with our herp(es) derping. ITS LIKE HERPES GLITTER THAT GETS EVERYWHERE. \0/ Lots of pun-ing and reading and OMG SHOOTING STARS AND NORTHERN LIGHTS and snow in july . I'm so surprised we got along so well. ;___; There were dogs in restaurants and dessert pizza and s'mores and curry.

Books are amazing
Lots of reading (summer hw) and its so ~nature-y up there at dusk (just finished Their Eyes Were Watching God and halfway through Glass Menagerie) that I had an wanky note written and a few tears to Tracy Chapman's Fast Car. Her voice and the books and the night and the stars and idk, life. The trapped feeling is so Glass Menagerie, and the escapism and sometimes it hurts a little too close to home and I have not finished the book yet. Then just rereading All the Pretty Horses because...I love coming-of-age novels, as if they'll help me find my way. Also because my mother told me to moderate my emotions and I realize I should(strains of Vienna-Billy Joel start playing) but...just read On the Road too and the whole "mad" thing and the way McCarthy has passion for the blood that sings, and the words ardenthearted just stuck. ;___; His words are so pretty, his long run on sentences and the feelings. The opening with a candleflame reminds me of the first sentence with a drop of blood on the snow. <3 I accidentally spilled water on my All the Pretty Horses and so its hard to read. >.> Also always wondered if the lullaby has anything to do with the title...its missing "little" in front of horses but the tune is really pretty. xD

School starting ridiculously early but I have good classes (I tell that to myself, because we have new teachers for some). I have super procrastination stress that's going to manifest, I just know it. I have 2 books to skim and 5-7 pages to write and I made a bad today. Its super cute, but I need priorities. *sigh*

2. Art!

So I drew a lot when I was up camping, and have gotten back and finished up 2(one goes with Keane's song Somewhere Only We Know SO WELL and the other is mermaid!AU, made a new one, and have more to finish (AmberSpyglass!AU. Why is there no Dark Materials AU? ;___;)
Had my first posted collab with this piece. 8D


3. Oh god words.
x--x have an artpiece that I wanted to write to because I'm not sure but there was just a feeling i wanted to convey with it and now words are so hard. Its just Arthur in the picture but its from a 3rd person w/ Eames mind, and he goes kind of crazy and his projection of Arthur is there to take him farther into crazyland. IDK. NOT SURE. *hides in corner*

Guys, you writers are amazing.
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I see Inception everywhere. Its like the 6th sense. Its creepy but nice. :/ To the point-The Awakening by Kate Chopin echoes Mal in so many ways.

Kate Chopin's words are so lovely, and Mal and Edna? The way Edna says that she wouldn't give up herself for her children, but her life, money, of course. The ocean, that beach scene. The ocean doesn't play that large a part, nor does the audultry(except maybe as a device to satisfy her needs, which would be like the PASIV). But the kicker is the waking, the sleeping, the slow fall into that realization that her world isn't real-not only as a dream and reality but as with sincerity and truth; and she doesn't fit in anymore, cannot fit in anymore. And death is the only escape. Going back to places that had happy memories and then seeing them barren, a wreck, a remnant of sunshine only drives them further. I understand the main men are very different, but just ...ajgljsgdljasgl there is something I can just see between them.

Also, Sleeping At Lasts song Unmade. The last verse says:

Its in our nature to complicate,
but in the end it's the casualties
that carry all the weight.

IDK GUYS IDK I just really love all of these things, and would actually try writing if I could dig into Mal more. But I would love to discuss this idea, if anyone has read the book. 

Because this is boring, here is asparagus pizza I made.


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