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1) Fanartz

Porn is serious motivation, guys. How can you not read it everyday?

Shoes and Stuff )

We got fluffy back, and here he is in the car
x not my fur it is a palm xxx

hahah jk its a plumeria leaf. DID THAT MAKE SENSE AS A JOKE, BTW?

3) New Friends!
Hi Team Angst friends! I went on a biiiit of a spree after finding out so many awesome things about people. BOOKS! MUSEUMS! TV SHOWS! ANIMANGA! ANGSTY IDEAS! I don't mind if you get weirded out and de-friend me, really. :) Have discussed some amazing ideas for a Night Watch AU art and Little Mermaid AU art that I would do... \0/

Dotty Nails for the Summer )

Stationary of EPIC CUTE and possible paper for That Quote Book I'll Start Sometime Soon )
Doctor Who makes me want to go camping. What? )
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rl and FROYO )

A quick Into? )

art in progress )
Also, I have an 11-year old pomeranian who is really cute, and he makes up for this horrible post. He's embarrassing me here though. >.>

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So on a sad of my favorite children/young adult authors died this week and I CANNOT GET OVER IT. I don't really like where most YA fantasy is heading-urbanurbanurban with no real twist, and really need to find time and read those books again.

So MY DOG. Which is technically at least half my brother's and then some my mother's and father's. He got a positive response so more pimping of the cute!

His name is Fluffy. Yes, we were young. And he IS fluffy.

He is at least 11 years old, and my brother and I have thought he was 4-8 years old for the past 3 years. Our family friends gave him to us, so we never really had him as a puppy. Those pictures are from back when we had to actually process film...

My friend and him. He's happey!

what whut he's a seal!

Other friend. As you can see, I am holding the camera and letting people use him. :D

Fluffy does not approve.

but he does love his food.

The poodle to the left was our late doggie.

In conclusion-they are superdogs.

Today was xC until I came home to sugar cane and dog and lj. Hopefully Fluffy shares his healing powers if needed!


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