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- There are so many movies I need to see. 50/50. Drive. Warrior. Captain American and Iron Man...

-This week I've been devouring Steve/Tony fic, and all the fanart on tumblr. Movies? I need to watch the movies to know the plot? PSH.

Can you tell I've been on tumblr a bit too much? I really have to cut back on interwebs because life is coming after me. *looks back and waves* btw  I imagine the kitty to be named Tony because Tony didn't want to be Loki's sex kitten(or vice versa) and was thrown out the window which is Loki's version of anger/libido management but he still felt lonely so he took in that cat at the shelter without paying for it.
And here is some more random thoughts. I swear it sounds ok going over it thrice.  )
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1).rambly stuff of nonesense.
uhhh...books, other stuff that doesn't make sense (no need to read) )

2) ArtInception+Loki cuz I love him )

3) Shiny Fandom is Shiny
I think I'm going to sign up for InceptionBB with my rl friend, but she's super worried about her writing and fandom stuff and said she'd ask her teacher who used to write fanfictions, and all I could think of was HOW MUCH I WANT A TEACHER WHO WRITES FANFICS. *sigh* I wonder if my Lit teacher reads them. xDD Anyways, it was also awkward because his name is one letter different then a teacher at my school.

Going to finish up my collabs for ae_match and all will be well. Until apps are due...

Jeff Buckley reading Poe. Its just...unf.
Just going to let problems lie and have some black masala chai infused chocolate. Its heavenly.

RL Advice?

May. 22nd, 2011 08:06 pm
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Hi guys, so I got a call today that I would go in for two interviews on Tuesday for a summer internship. Its not my dream job because its more the business side of a healthcare and medical equipment firm, and they haven't done anything new in years. Even so, what tips do you have when going to a job interview?

I have to call to confirm tomorrow because I feel like someone steamed my head up and I feel and sound horrible. I am never, ever, ever going to sleep with wet hair late at night ever, ever, ever again. I can't go out at weekends because I've been getting sick in the late afternoon after doing stuff consecutively. I don't have time to be sick. ;__;

Anyways, since I have a headache I'm listening to soothing songs by DJ Okawari, who is a genius.

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1. whining and complaining about life
tl;dr ) Have you ever felt directionless? Is it just a phase or how do you deal with it?

2. Book Talk-The Wind in the Willows

Mole, Ratty, and Badger could be an OT3 )

3. Maybe going to an anime convention

tl;dr )

4. Merman Arthur?

Little mermaid AU. Has it been done? My friend says its been prompted and never filled on the kinmeme. I've sketched three concepts, but its the angsty version, not the Disney version. Mal = sea witch? All I wanted to draw was Arthur turning into seafoam, crying. THEN I DID IT. Plus Arthur watching Eames sink, and Arthur watching Eames breath after saving him. Possibly an almost kiss. Obviously no happy scenes...

5. Sketch

Sorry for lack of art, here is David Bowie from a ref picture on my itouch. Heterochromatic eyes, guys, and that HAIR. It keeps me from dying in class. Also, anyone have a tip on how to do non creep realistic teeth or not smudging shading(all I can do).

6. Chat me up?

Sorry this is so long, but I I have a fear letting  a conversation stagnate awkwardly but I shall overcome it and chat people up. My aim is miszcatastrophe, and my gchat may be (but I see ienggg GCHAT CONFUSED ME), and my skype is ienggg. SO ITS NOT A CREEPER TALKING TO YOU. Also, I am not that(?) hard to talk to so if you will, talk to me?
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End of the week stretch and my sickness is down. Less homework=MORE TIME TO DRAW.

I have a bad habit of doodling on top of doodles, and this turned out ok because I made it Arthur and Eames chibified and then all painterly.

Haven't posted art in a long time so here..chibi+painting experiment )
Here is some music!!
Acoustic Kpop~~

Reliant K with some totally A/E overtones...headspace...ceilings...*coughsubarthurcough*

and an AMAZING MUSIC VIDEO. all stop and go animation from a new band. :)
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So I Still have tons of work to do, but I'm definitely not productive today so LET'S WRITE and see if I can vent. C:
plus HK's face is huge and scaring me.

I've had a pretty bad day. I lose money, eat shallots when i have a cut on my mouth( BAD IDEA, VERY BAD IDEA) and didn't get any updates today. I've been listening to Ellie Goulding and trying to make myself happier but life just failed and i might have caused some water damage in the kitchen. yay.

Read some fluff and it just...kinda made my headache eventually go away. *phew*

Have I mentioned that CA has been oddly, horribly chilly recently? I take a nap and can't regulate my body temperate outside of my cocoon of blankets. I need someone to hug. I feel deprived of the experience...


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