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1. Eh stupid life

Uni is not going as expected. My roomie could be a great friend, but she's leaving in December back to Japan. My class I thought I'd make friends in early makes me want to kill myself because people are so quiet and I start some lame topic that ends in a few lines. I'm also sad that I can't drag my roomie around to freshie stuff since she isn't proficient at English and

Where are my people. I'm really hoping that I can talk more about things tomorrow and people will want a CONVERSATION instead of simply answering my quesetions in the fewest words possible. I'm sorry its boring, but it takes two to tango. Even awkwardly. I've had maybe 3 shallow but decent talks. It's only been 3 days but they just seem so different from me, and I'm not a great conversationalist. Obviously.

Partly is because my friends from before are awesome and I want to find people like them, but goddamned it I can remember what I said that cinched it. I'm out of my comfort zone, and that's good for me. But this food is out of my comfort zone. It makes my stomach hate me and I want to cook because the food isn't good. ;__;

tl;dr I'm wallowing in a bit of self pity and I got to get out of it. Maybe I'll learn from LSP

2. Also, should I sign up for Inception Bang? I would like to! But I've never before and stuff.

3. I'll do a yaoi/BL rec post when I'm ready to wallow in unrealistic porn and feelings to replace my nonexistent life. JK. but about what? No really I'll try harder.
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