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So this week has been horrible but of course fandom salvages the last of my sanity. Everyone is so awesome and you can't stay SAD while Arthur and Eames are in a summer camp, or sleeping in a bed together, or you know, rimming each other. ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE. Just like my grades. THEY ARE IN LIMBO FOREVER.

So I stayed up until 2 craving some easy read fantasy. I love love love fantasy. Especially when the main character is charismatic, good looking, and very powerful. And it also helps if he is gay. :) What did I read? Magic's pawn by Mercedes Lackey.

C: I ADORE the series. It is so melodramatic and angsty and the people are so inherently goody-goody it makes me happy again. Plus the ending of the trilogy. I live for the catharsis at the end. >A<

So drawing for [ profile] i_reversebang and I submitted my first draft of for my draft of something else I got to get done this weekend!

On the plus side my brother is coming to visit this weekend so I won't be too lonely baking for Valentines day. I will upload some doodles of Eames and Arthur smoking soon.

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I, like others, have tons of stuff to do. and HOW do I spend my day? Watching TV, reading byoootiful H/P and...writing ONE LINE of english lang homework. ;__________; I am screwing myself over but THATS OK. not really. >.>

For all the H/P fans...Danse Russe is amazing. I was speechless...just squee-ing and flaily. I know I'm so land in finding stuff...but its darker and back then I just didn't go there...

I AM SO HAPPY IT IS FRIDAY. my granny comes back from rehab tomorrow. I will have less time to do homework. work in general. WORK THAT CONSUMES MY LIFE. btw, when you get old going to the bathroom is DANGERIOUS. seriously. you can fall.


Dec. 3rd, 2010 11:56 pm
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After spending about 9 hours at school, I go home to anime and fanfics. C: time! I love museums, especially art ones. hahah. its this wonderful post-impressionism exhibit in SF and I AM SO EXCITED. but worried because plans are frazzled at best. xD


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