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I started reading yaoi/BL/shounen ai when I ran out of shoujo and shounen, the more general/pg-13 stuff and hetero smutty stuff when I was bout...14? Somewhere in middle school, and from then on its been a long love affair with lots to show from it. Yaoi, or BL, or boys love is incredibly diverse. There are all sorts of things expressed by it, not just the ridiculous porn most people expect. I'm not very good at organizing things by theme, but I'll try and give some variety every post...and rec what I remember. My library of yaoi is...really big.

So I hope you'll give these a try, and if you have any requests-genres or tropes, just ask! There is some wonderfully kinky stuff out there! And if you have any recs for me I would love them. :) A lot of scanlators are disbanding because of copyright laws, life, or any other number of reasons and I would love to find new ones to keep tabs on. If there is one quality story, they usually release many more!

Current WIP Obsession:

Hana wa Sakuka

Summary from[ profile] nakamanga: Sakurai, who works for an ad agency, bumped into a young man on his way home and dropped some business materials and a magazine and they were destroyed. Luckily, the young man happened to have the same magazine and offered to give it to Sakurai, so Sakurai followed him to his house. The young man, Minagawa Youichi, who is a college student, owns a big old house which used to be a boarding home. Sakurai thinks Minagawa is unsociable and hard to get along with but somehow he ends up visiting the house frequently…

(scanlated by the awesome awesome crew at Nakama, who have been wonderful about the litigious nature of scanning and translating and distributing manga online for free. They have high standards and really great projects. I'll be reccing more from them. >.>)

-Why I Love It: The art is fluid and expressive and utterly gorgeous and clean Hidaka Shoko wonder. I adore slow romances, and this is perfectly paced, with graceful story arcs that we are just seeing coming into play. Some wonderful person is scanning low quality stuff and putting it here if you want to read it, and its picking up it's pace. All the characters unfold as the story does, and they really all go through a maturation process that I am SO EXCITED FOR. There are great three dimensional side characters and chapters told from different points of view to broaden the story. In between chapters coming out I would reread the past chapters just because it DIDN'T GET BORING.

So pretty much -great art, well written story, adorable characters, and great pacing.

Please read this so I can flail to you about feelings. ;__;

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