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A few days ago I went to go see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in the San Francisco DeYoung museum. It was amazing.

So many images of amazing clothes. Clicky for an eyegasm! )

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A few days ago I went to go see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in the San Francisco DeYoung museum. It was amazing.

So many images of amazing clothes. Clicky for an eyegasm! )

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This is a snuggly, lumpy but warm sweater for fandom and for Arthur. /hugs.

also Photoshop crashed on me so [ profile] eamesie your Arthur in short shorts might have to wait because it won't open. >.>

Just Wondering... )
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So going into exam week, first one on Wednesday, and barring that problems are popping up like e.coli on agar in an incubator.

But. Then I see this

That smile could light up the sun. I pretty much smiled and cried watching this

Perspective. I needed some, and I got it.
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"Please Mr. Arthur? I can be good. Look, look!"
*exudes more pheremones*
"averts eyes"
*flowers pop up"

Oh Easter. All the shops are closed today, and ALL I WANTED WAS TO SPEND MONEY.

Oh Easter. All the candy. Quick sketch of the boys as bunnies, I should be studying buuuuut BUNNIES. For once, bbdimpleface is not the younger one...but he does have the goods. :3

Have a Happy Easter!
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End of the week stretch and my sickness is down. Less homework=MORE TIME TO DRAW.

I have a bad habit of doodling on top of doodles, and this turned out ok because I made it Arthur and Eames chibified and then all painterly.

Haven't posted art in a long time so here..chibi+painting experiment )
Here is some music!!
Acoustic Kpop~~

Reliant K with some totally A/E overtones...headspace...ceilings...*coughsubarthurcough*

and an AMAZING MUSIC VIDEO. all stop and go animation from a new band. :)
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I have ridiculously large warned. I feel like I should learn html better so I don't have to click on FAQ every time to copy paste special html codes. =A=

This weekend has been greatly productive concerning my hobbies. Schoolwork, not so much. Definitely had fun baking coffeecake!! coffecake! )

fruffers )
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So on a sad of my favorite children/young adult authors died this week and I CANNOT GET OVER IT. I don't really like where most YA fantasy is heading-urbanurbanurban with no real twist, and really need to find time and read those books again.

So MY DOG. Which is technically at least half my brother's and then some my mother's and father's. He got a positive response so more pimping of the cute!

His name is Fluffy. Yes, we were young. And he IS fluffy.

He is at least 11 years old, and my brother and I have thought he was 4-8 years old for the past 3 years. Our family friends gave him to us, so we never really had him as a puppy. Those pictures are from back when we had to actually process film...

My friend and him. He's happey!

what whut he's a seal!

Other friend. As you can see, I am holding the camera and letting people use him. :D

Fluffy does not approve.

but he does love his food.

The poodle to the left was our late doggie.

In conclusion-they are superdogs.

Today was xC until I came home to sugar cane and dog and lj. Hopefully Fluffy shares his healing powers if needed!
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Just some embarrasing stuff, and the important thing is here is my dog! I am bragging, no really. )

but that is just his nonchalant face indoors. He's super chill about everything except food and going on walks and having people play with his feet.
blahblahblah decisions are haard )
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Life Today )

SO ONTO THE ACTUAL TOPIC OF THIS. I had a midterm and a two page paper due yesterday, and today I have a math worksheet due. so FANART. For whom? THE AMAZING [ profile] skellerbvvt OF COURSEEEEEEEEEe

I can not compose shit for beans. :( And I have Arthur fuzzy slippers because they remind Eames of Sammy and Arthur's feet get cold. That, and feet are as banal as hands. I can draw feet in very limited poses.
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Today was...interesting. My math grade...>_______________________________>
But some people have it worse so blah blah blah I will not whine.

I sketched up my sketchier sketch of Arthur Smoking, kind of to complement Eames and partly because [ profile] osaraba  is sick and I remembered she likes them smokin'.

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HAH. SCHOOL? I didn't do any homework after coming home at 6:30. Will I? NO. (btw, frog jumps are evil. JSYK)

But then again...I can't even draw something done anymore. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WHEN 3/20 COMES AROUND? REVERSE BB check ins?!??!?!?!

So yes, here is sketchy sketchum fanart for the amazing amazing [ profile] skellerbvvt  who REALLY owns my heart and half my muses with Rule 10. fanart+long artist's note )

How are you? I hope your day was better than mine. :)
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Here is a rant. Pay no mind.
piles of stuff to doooo )

ok here is the stress relief fanart in the form of Tom Hardy's liiiips. Yes his eyebrows are like wtf.
and Fake Plastic Trees on repeat which is JUST as helpful as Lost Cause on repeat. *headdesk*
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Yes I am single. Yes I made cream puffs and am going to give sweets to my sweet friends. :)

Vampire Arthur and Werewolf Eames Wish You a Debauched Valentines Day )
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So today I set my priorities straight. OBVIOUSLY I need five hours to do art. When I have my math review packet, two projects, and 3 days worth of AP US History notes to do. OF COUSE. It was supposed to end when I ate lunch but I haven't eaten lunch yet (few bites of marbled taro bread but that was like 3 bites).
Oh and I watched Fringe.

:DDDD YAY MORE FANART FOR [ profile] skellerbvvt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cuddling~~~ )
C: I really love how fandom has taken over my life.
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Title:  Shades of Grey
Pairings or Characters: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13/G
Author's Note:
For [ profile] skellerbvvt and her Rule 10 Verse that has sucked the soul out of me.

<a href=";current=Rule10BW.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket" ></a>

Read more... )
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I have a D+ in my math class. And especially for people who are Chinese, to which math is ESSENTIAL it is like DEATH. I have no idea what to do. I do NOT want to get a tutor but my parents think I should, but working by myself just IS NOT WORKING. ;_____;

I feel stressed as hell, and paid for this dance benefit that I don't even want to go to anymore.
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So I put off studying and blowdrying my hair and US History homework to FINISH MY CHAV EAMES FANART. SO IT IS DONE. rather badly. >.> I lost my skin coloring skillz so i texured the heck out of him. I was like..If I am going paisley, I MIGHT AS WELL texture everything else. it is a texture print DISASTER. NGL. and my texturing was pretty amateur....sigh. Here He is... )

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I, like others, have tons of stuff to do. and HOW do I spend my day? Watching TV, reading byoootiful H/P and...writing ONE LINE of english lang homework. ;__________; I am screwing myself over but THATS OK. not really. >.>

For all the H/P fans...Danse Russe is amazing. I was speechless...just squee-ing and flaily. I know I'm so land in finding stuff...but its darker and back then I just didn't go there...

I AM SO HAPPY IT IS FRIDAY. my granny comes back from rehab tomorrow. I will have less time to do homework. work in general. WORK THAT CONSUMES MY LIFE. btw, when you get old going to the bathroom is DANGERIOUS. seriously. you can fall.


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