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1) Hi new friends!!! I went on a bit of a spree on the friending meme, and I'm ok with friends moving in/out of my small flist freely. :) My posts are usually fanart(usually for fanfic that pokes my muse awake), or rambly talking things(books, nails, my dog, stuff that's stressing me out). I go by iengie, and feel free to chat me up on skype/gchat/twitter or whatever.

2) Happy Holidays! Holidays=no school THANK GOD. I've been comatose in front of the TV for days. Fringe and Game of Thrones I'm totally caught up on and Psych and Merlin are halfway to completion. I hope all the cards have arrived/will arrive soon and not be mangled. :) My family celebrates early, so I get to open presents tomorrow! \0/

3) I'VE DRAWN SOMETHING. I have no patience, so I "finished" it up. THERE IS A STORY HERE GAIZ. Eames either painted/stole a painting of v for no apparent reason, and some shady(obsession/love) stuff goes on and this is Eames pulling Arthur out of his canvas into the 3Dworld. Eames is so enamored he dreams him into his subconscious...I'm not sure if that makes sense but any concrit is totally welcome. I tried out new coloring stuff and I like it but I'm not sure it makes sense realistically.

4) I was supposed to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy today but my friend bailed, and I don't think my bro would understand my flail...Hoping to watch it next week! As well as War Horse and Sherlock Holmes 2 and ALL THE OTHER MOVIES. fml I need more money.
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urp rl rant (getting this out of the way):tl;dr-if i reread this I am going to delete it all but I musn't to keep my resolve. XD )

2) Doodles in my moleskine!
Loki, mermaids, an umbrella and something else )

3) more AUs!
I keep on seeing them (not ghosts) )
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Listening to too many science songs makes my brain fuzzy. so I iconed Colin Morgan all cute in his checkered button up. C: Arthur or Eames tomorrow, I promised.


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