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Today is pretty much an excuse for me to shower love on all my special someones, namely, you guys. <3 to fandom

I love poses like this, don't kill me! But that bunch of flowers may be deadly...

Thank you for the virtual gifts! They made my day so much better! [ profile] ladderax [ profile] heavenly_rain [ profile] withlightning[ profile] knowmydark YOU GUYS ARE SO KIND. I don't deserve you guys. >.>

AND SOME SHERLOCK FANART. FINALLY. thanks to [ profile] playinthewaves and [ profile] knowmydark for helping me get this doneeee w/motivation helps
Yes, he is bored and wants to know if John is ticklish. IT IS LOVE, OK? I'm sorry for the faily bg and coloring. I promise to fix it and upload the ones I did for [ profile] withlightning

I have suits_exchange art to post, and other things but I am about to die and today I NEED TO WASH MY HAIR. at 12am. yes.

All you on my flist? I love you to no end. And this is my second v-day art post in this journal! WOOTWOOT.
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1) Hi new friends!!! I went on a bit of a spree on the friending meme, and I'm ok with friends moving in/out of my small flist freely. :) My posts are usually fanart(usually for fanfic that pokes my muse awake), or rambly talking things(books, nails, my dog, stuff that's stressing me out). I go by iengie, and feel free to chat me up on skype/gchat/twitter or whatever.

2) Happy Holidays! Holidays=no school THANK GOD. I've been comatose in front of the TV for days. Fringe and Game of Thrones I'm totally caught up on and Psych and Merlin are halfway to completion. I hope all the cards have arrived/will arrive soon and not be mangled. :) My family celebrates early, so I get to open presents tomorrow! \0/

3) I'VE DRAWN SOMETHING. I have no patience, so I "finished" it up. THERE IS A STORY HERE GAIZ. Eames either painted/stole a painting of v for no apparent reason, and some shady(obsession/love) stuff goes on and this is Eames pulling Arthur out of his canvas into the 3Dworld. Eames is so enamored he dreams him into his subconscious...I'm not sure if that makes sense but any concrit is totally welcome. I tried out new coloring stuff and I like it but I'm not sure it makes sense realistically.

4) I was supposed to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy today but my friend bailed, and I don't think my bro would understand my flail...Hoping to watch it next week! As well as War Horse and Sherlock Holmes 2 and ALL THE OTHER MOVIES. fml I need more money.
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urp rl rant (getting this out of the way):tl;dr-if i reread this I am going to delete it all but I musn't to keep my resolve. XD )

2) Doodles in my moleskine!
Loki, mermaids, an umbrella and something else )

3) more AUs!
I keep on seeing them (not ghosts) )
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1) ae_match
So I am SO IN LOVE with all the great fics. I just can't keep up. I can't comment on all the ones I read, and I can't read all the ones I open up in tabs. >.> BUT I DO LOVE THEM ALLLL.

Also have collabs with [ profile] iri_descent for all types of fall, [ profile] peperima (when ever the words come to her, i hope its still on...), [ profile] telm_393( for some crazyness), and [ profile] black_betty_26 for my merAU.  If you'd like to back out or discuss stuff, this is the week to do it. :)

2) rl- i had more :( but its better not posted

a. books- went to used bookstore with a complication before the complication, and bought 6 books for 22$. YES-- a moominvalley book, the merlin conspiracy, the hero and the sword, candide, and dickinson poems. now evaluating everything through(was this a date? filter ughhhh). :((

b. compy fail- well, actually its my fault, I forgot to run virus checks and my win XP died. So I don't have my computer with art programs or my tablet or...stuff. So i have free days, but only traditional media. I will use markers and ink and pencils! and maybe charcoal. 8D
Street Art Picspam at the MOCA )


A precursor to my next piece, done when I couldn't make anything with the sketch and was feeling blue.
my first ae_match submission.

a really horrible picture of my belated present to [ profile] osaki_nana_707 This Arthur from her fic I've Got a Rock and Roll Life, and I loved the part where Arthur and Eames sing together on stage, but I wanted to do something dramatic with Arthur because I love his musical growth in the story.
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1) FRINGE SEASON FINALE OMG.Cut for lots of squee+some spoilers )

2) Summer School
Bad Planning in RL stuff )

3) Twitter/Tumblr/Games
Since its the summer I have more time! I will try to be more active on Twitter, so who should I follow? Any suggestions or your sn? I might make a tumblr once I lurk more, and are they any computer games you think I should play? I'm really not that good at them, and haven't played since school started, but I really would like to.

4) Books
Oh Public Libraries ) What books do you recommend? I have a list I've started up, but I would love to know what you really love. :) 

I need to do more arting. I want to try new styles and experiment with colors. :) But for now, just grey and noodly.
;D He's putting the tie on the doorknob because HE HAS PLANS TONIGHT!
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1. whining and complaining about life
tl;dr ) Have you ever felt directionless? Is it just a phase or how do you deal with it?

2. Book Talk-The Wind in the Willows

Mole, Ratty, and Badger could be an OT3 )

3. Maybe going to an anime convention

tl;dr )

4. Merman Arthur?

Little mermaid AU. Has it been done? My friend says its been prompted and never filled on the kinmeme. I've sketched three concepts, but its the angsty version, not the Disney version. Mal = sea witch? All I wanted to draw was Arthur turning into seafoam, crying. THEN I DID IT. Plus Arthur watching Eames sink, and Arthur watching Eames breath after saving him. Possibly an almost kiss. Obviously no happy scenes...

5. Sketch

Sorry for lack of art, here is David Bowie from a ref picture on my itouch. Heterochromatic eyes, guys, and that HAIR. It keeps me from dying in class. Also, anyone have a tip on how to do non creep realistic teeth or not smudging shading(all I can do).

6. Chat me up?

Sorry this is so long, but I I have a fear letting  a conversation stagnate awkwardly but I shall overcome it and chat people up. My aim is miszcatastrophe, and my gchat may be (but I see ienggg GCHAT CONFUSED ME), and my skype is ienggg. SO ITS NOT A CREEPER TALKING TO YOU. Also, I am not that(?) hard to talk to so if you will, talk to me?
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"Please Mr. Arthur? I can be good. Look, look!"
*exudes more pheremones*
"averts eyes"
*flowers pop up"

Oh Easter. All the shops are closed today, and ALL I WANTED WAS TO SPEND MONEY.

Oh Easter. All the candy. Quick sketch of the boys as bunnies, I should be studying buuuuut BUNNIES. For once, bbdimpleface is not the younger one...but he does have the goods. :3

Have a Happy Easter!


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